Digital Gauss Meter

Sarga Digital Gauss Meter is a low cost instrument to measure D.C. magnetic fields. It measures fields from 1 Gauss to 19.99 Kilo Gauss in two ranges 2K and 20K Gauss full scale. These ranges are selected by a toggle switch on the front panel. Digital Gaussmeter has a built in facility to check calibration to ensure that the instrument is pre-calibrated. All the controls are mounted on the front panel and clearly designated. Also available Model with Battery back-up.

Sarga Digital Gauss Meter

A Gauss Meter can be a useful device to measure the strength of magnetic fields and some can even measure the direction of the polarity. A simple voltage tester is also in fact a type of gauss meter, as it detects electricity flow due to the magnetic field produced. Gaussmeter can be used to measure: 

  • N/S polarity of DC magnets
  • Residual magnetic field after processing of mechanical parts
  • Intensity of magnetic field in magnetic application products
  • Residual magnetic field generated from the stress after processing of stainless material
  • Magnetic force of magnetizable material
  • Natural magnetism of various steel products
  • Magnetic field of motors and other home appliances
  • Magnetic Field Intensity of Permanent Magnets
  • Detecting the magnetic field of leakage generated from superconductive magnets


Industrial usage

Industrial usage of Gauss Meters includes specific and repeatable measurements of magnetism strength linked to technical utilization of permanent magnets and any ferromagnetic additives. Gauss Meters permit for non-destructive magnetic field measurement in instances of DC or AC automobiles, loudspeakers, magnetic circuits or additives along with relays, magnetic switches or coils, category of magnets and even for residual or stray magnetic/leakage fields. They also can be used correctly to determine whether any static or dynamic electromagnetic fields are affecting the operating of particular digital gadgets at their set up location.