Magnetic Rolls / Magnetic Rods

Magnetic Rolls / Magnetic Rods at Sarga are simple and versatile magnetic separator.
Available in High Power Strontium Ferrite version and Super High Intensity Rare Earth version. Dia.1″ , Dia 1.5″, Dia 40mms , Dia 50mms are most commonly used sizes.
Sarga Magnetic Roll / Magnetic Rod can have plain ends , ends with tapped holes, ends with extended studs.


Applications of Magnetic Rods / Magnetic Rods

The magnetic rod is mainly used to filter all kinds of fine powders, as well as iron-containing impurities and other materials with magnetism in liquids and semi-liquids. Magnetic rods are mainly used in plastics, food, environmental protection, filtration, chemical, building materials, ceramics, medicine, powder, mining, coal, and other industries.

A good rod should have a uniform distribution of magnetic induction lines, and the maximum magnetic induction intensity point distribution should fill the entire magnetic rod as much as possible. Because it is generally placed in the moving product transmission line, the surface of the magnetic rod should be smooth and have little resistance, and it does not contain harmful substances to the environment, so as to avoid contaminating materials and the environment.

The working environment of the magnetic rod determines that it must have certain corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance characteristics, and some occasions require relatively strong magnetic induction.

Sarga Magnetic rods picture