Magnetic Sheet Fanners

Magnetic Sheet fanners are simple device to separate sheets from each other while being moved or feed to machines.
Sarga standard permanent and Magnetic Sheet Fanners are designed to separate steel sheet stock. As sheets are placed against the sheet fanner, the powerful magnetic field automatically forces the sheets apart and separates them from one another. Manually prying apart sticky, oily sheets is no longer necessary and die damaging double blanking problems are eliminated.The flexible mounting design gives you more options to match your application needs. Use the handle and base plate for portable applications or use the 3/8-16 tapped holes to bolt the fanner to your equipment or tooling.

Magnetic Sheet Fanners picture

For best results, locate the magnetic fanner at the corner(s) of large sheets and in the centre of the width of length on smaller sheets. Fanners placed opposite each other on small sheets will actually float the sheet. Using magnetic sheet fanners is helpful for many reasons. Manually prying apart individual steel sheets could be a time intense method which will lead to damaging the sheet or injuring the operator handling them. Magnetic sheet fanners enable you to guard your workers from potential injury and permit them to direct their time towards higher-value tasks.