Magnetic Traps By Sarga

Magnetic Traps By Sarga (Wet Type) is being used very commonly and successfully for removal of fine ferrous contaminates from liquids/Oils/Pulp/Slurries/Syrups in various industries including Chemicals , Extraction, Paper, Pharma etc. Magnetic traps are used for removal of fine ferrous contaminates from the liquids thus improving the quality of final product / protecting downstream equipment. Traps are very effective, easy to operate.
The contaminated fluid enters the trap, ferrous contaminates are attracted & collected by powerful magnetic elements. Unit is provided with quick release system for removal of top lid. By removing the top lid, magnetic elements also come out, which can be wiped off of the collected ferrous particles and refitted for use.

Magnetic Traps By Sarga -1

Magnetic Traps by Sarga provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment. They preserve product purity by removing small particles of magnetic scale, rust and fine iron contamination. It also protect your flow lines and products with the world’s finest liquid handling magnetic separators. Prevent abrasive wear, prevent pumps from jamming and assure yourself a product free of iron contamination and achieve iron contamination protection your particular operation requires – whether it be a tiny 1/2–inch (13 mm) pipeline or a huge 30–inch (762 mm) diameter line.

All models of Ferrous Traps have a constant powerful magnetic circuit designed to attract and hold iron contamination. Clean, simple designs have no moving parts… powerful, permanent magnetic element will perform well handling materials with temperatures up to 150°F (65°C), with special models available for temperatures to 850°F (454°C).